History of Devarayanagurga


A weekend getaway to nature’s paradise; Devarayanadurga is 70 km away from Bangalore. Devarayanadurga (Kannada: Fort of God) is a pilgrimage destination as well as a perfect picnic spot.

The Mysore ruler Chikka Devaraja Wodeyar captured the fort and hence it was named Devarayanadurga. Earlier this place was known as Anebiddasari and Jadakana Durga. There are many hillocks surrounding it so it’s the best place for enthusiastic trekkers.

There are three rock cut temples which are built on different elevations. There are two temples dedicated to Lord Narasimhaswamy and it has adopted an Dravidian architecture. Bhoga Narasimha is built at the foot of the hill and Yoga Narasimha is at the hillock. There are various stories tailed with Devarayanadurga. According to myths, Lord Brahma (creator of the universe) built the temple. Devarayanadurga was also known as Karigiri, the sage Bhirgu cursed the Gandharva brothers- Devadatta and Dhanunjaya. The brothers were transformed into an elephant and mountain. Giri means mountain and Kari means elephant. According to another legend, this place was also known as Kusumadri (Kusuma- kannada). When Lord Vishnu killed Pundarika; a demon, the Gods from the heavens showered flowers on this region.

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