Things to do at Bheemeshwari fishing camp


Weekend movies, cafes, restaurants and pubs are a part of every individual’s daily life, but trying something unusual from the regular routine is something exciting. Head towards Bheemeshwari, which is just 100 km away from Bangalore. It is an ideal place to trek, camp, fish and try out other adventurous activities. The landscape is blessed with beautiful nature and is an ideal weekend destination.

The river Kaveri is wrapped by mountains and greenery. It is an ideal place for photographers and artists. Different adventure sports like river rafting, mountain hiking, kayaking and mountain biking are famous activities at Bheemeshwari. Don’t miss out on the coracle ride as you can it is a one of a kind experience. You can also try some zip lining, elephant rides and Burma loops as they are the famous rope activities at Bheemeshwari. Pump your adrenaline with some more adventure activities which you cannot try in the busy city of Bangalore.

Enjoy a yummy dinner on your way to Bheemeshwari at Nandhana Hotel, the best restaurant in Bangalore to enjoy some yummy chicken and Andhra cuisine.

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