Historical Town of Karnataka: Srirangapatna


The egg-shaped island is located near Mandya, where the town is surrounded by River Kaveri on all sides. The island is located just 15 km from Mysore and is very safe and protective as it is covered by water on all sides, hence many rulers chose Srirangapatna as their capital.

The Ganga dynasty ruled Srirangapatna during the 9th century and they built Sriranganatha Swamy Temple, giving it the name “Srirangapatna”. Later the region was captured by the Vijayanagar empire and Srirangapatna became the base of the viceroys. Later it was captured by Raja Wodeyar l and he moved his capital to Srirangapatna. During the Hyder Ali’s regime, Srirangapatna was the centre of main communication and his son Tippu Sultan transformed Srirangapatna into a fortified city.  Later after the fall of Tippu Sultan, Srirangapatna also lost its significance.

Islands formed by the river Kaveri are very sacred and is dedicated to Lord Ranganathaswamy. Temple are built on such islands which are dedicated to Lord Ranganathaswamy. There are three such islands which are dedicated to Lord Ranganathaswamy – Adi Ranga at Srirangapatna, Madya Ranga at Shivanasamudra and Antya Ranga at Srirangam.

The river Kaveri is very sacred especially at “Paschima Vaahini”. People from all over the country visit to immerse the ashes of the departed in these waters.

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