Shivagange- An adventure spot and a holy pilgrimage


Step away from all the city hustle and head towards the hillside to relax and get some fresh air. Shivagange is an ideal place for trekking and is about 55km away from Bangalore. The mountain is in the shape of the shivalinga and a spring flows down which forms ganga and hence this place is known as “Shivaganga”.

There are many temples on the hilltop – Patalagange, Honnadevi temple, Olakal teertha, Nandi statue and Gangadhareshwara statue. The Nandi statue is the main attraction as it was sculpted on steep rocks.


There are man-made rocks which have been made for visitors to climb the hill easily. The view from the Nandi statue is very beautiful. The architecture of the temple is amazing as it was sculpted on the boulders.

Shivagange is well known and famous for the Patalagange temple. Patala means underground and gange means water. On Sankranthi, there are special Pooja’s and a Jatre which takes place where many people in the surrounding villages gather at the temple for the Pooja.

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