Shivanasamudra: The First Hydro-electric Power Station in Asia


Shivanasamudra is a beautiful cascading falls which is a popular tourist destination in Karnataka. It is also a home for the hydroelectric power station and is still working. River Kaveri divides itself into two magnificent waterfalls and flows down as Gaganachukki falls on the western side and Barachukki falls on the eastern side. These two falls together are what make Shivanasamudra.

Sivanasamudra is also known as ‘’Bluff’’ as it is just 130 km away from Bangalore. Step into the watch tower to get a glimpse of the beautiful waterfalls. Barachukki falls is wider and popular and is over 90 m high. The water stream falls through the rocks which showcases the natural beauty of the place.


Steps are laid to head down to the waterfalls, so one can get down into the water and relax. Enjoy a coracle ride to experience more fun and to also enjoy the beauty of the nature. At Barachukki the waterfalls are not very strong, making it an ideal place to play and relax. The waterfalls are adjacent to each other but to view them together you will have to travel about 15 km.

Visitors must carry food as there are not much food stalls or hotels around the waterfalls. Let us know and we will pack you a nice meal, only at Nandhana Hotel, the best hotel in Bangalore.

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