Things to do at Bheemeshwari fishing camp


Weekend movies, cafes, restaurants and pubs are a part of every individual’s daily life, but trying something unusual from the regular routine is something exciting. Head towards Bheemeshwari, which is just 100 km away from Bangalore. It is an ideal place to trek, camp, fish and try out other adventurous activities. The landscape is blessed with beautiful nature and is an ideal weekend destination.

Shivanasamudra: The First Hydro-electric Power Station in Asia


Shivanasamudra is a beautiful cascading falls which is a popular tourist destination in Karnataka. It is also a home for the hydroelectric power station and is still working. River Kaveri divides itself into two magnificent waterfalls and flows down as Gaganachukki falls on the western side and Barachukki falls on the eastern side. These two falls together are what make Shivanasamudra.