Perfect weekend destination – Gudibande Fort


Byre Gowda, a local chieftain of Gudibande built this magnificent fort during the 17th century around 400 years ago. The fort is a paradise for trekkers and nature lovers. Gudibande fort is a multi-level fort said to be built based on the one in Madhugiri. It has an amazing example for water harvesting system, as one can witness various small pools for the storage.

Byre Gowda ruled Gudibande for 3 years, people remember even today for his generosity. He robbed from the rich people and distributed the money among the poor and people who are in need.


The fort has temples, caves and many secret passages, so that during any emergency the soldiers could save themselves by heading through the secret passages. The temples are carved from the huge boulders and rocks. There are many turrets in the fort from where you can get a glimpse of the whole town. There is a huge monolithic pillar near the Shiva temple which is a sixteen-sided pillar and has very many carving on the pillar- Nandi, bedarakannappa and Shanmuka.

There are several gates in the fort which leads to different pathways. The fort houses temples for Lord Narasimha, Lord Shiva- which is considered as one among the 108 Jyothirlingas and a Parvathi Devi temple. The Cholas also built two temples in the fort- Adinarayana Swamy and Lakshmi Venkataramana Swamy temple. Hence the name Gudibande (Kannada- Gudi: temple Bande: rock).

Gudibande is located at 95 km from Bangalore. One can reach Gudibande by taking the Bangalore-Hyderabad highway, take a left at Perasandra and travel for about 15 kms from there.

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