Freedom Park- the central jail which was turned into a park


This modern day park was once a central jail. The central jail was built by the British government as to accommodate several freedom fighters during the freedom movement of India. BBMP took an initiative to convert this historical space into a beautiful park so that the historical significance is well preserved.

Freedom park houses the central watch tower, cell blocks, children’s play arena, sculpted prisoners, amphitheatre, musical fountain shows, Asoka pillar and a jail museum. The high prison walls were pulled down and now smaller walls have been built. The earlier central jail was spread across 21 acres of land, now the park occupies 16 acres and the remaining 5 acres is allotted for protests and rallies. This recreational area still holds the historical significance and is also a tourist place in Bangalore.

The support for “India against corruption” which was initiated by Anna Hajare was held at this freedom park. Atal Bihari Vajpayee and L.K. Advani were imprisoned in the earlier central jail during the emergency regime in 1975.

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